‘Conservatio’ Unisex Organic Cotton Sweatshirt/Natural



CONSERVATIO: Latin for ‘the preservation’ or ‘conservation.’ Our unisex GOTS certified 100% organic cotton raglan sleeve sweatshirt tells a story.

SIZING NOTES: This soft and cozy sweatshirt has a generous sleeve length . This sweatshirt does shrink a little, so if you’re on the fence, order up a size! It also features our company name and striking tree image on the back yoke.

NOTE:Β Organic yarns will have some small marks (specks) that are visible. These marks are caused by the seeds and plant matter in the fabric. These are normal and are an inherent trait of organic fabric.

Confession here. We are dreamers, poets, painters, and lovers of the spoken word. How do you put into writing the thrill that nature brings? How do we translate the magnificence of sun and the sea, of mighty mountains and the wind whispering in emerald forests to the written page? We do know that since the beginning of time, man has tried. Those who take the time to visit our wild places and sit in that majesty can’t help but feel the ancient stirrings of our connectedness to the natural world. For us, that translates to a desire to do what we can to protect and preserve those places that give us life. What will your story be?


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Dimensions 15 × 10 × .5 in