Giving Back

At Barefoot Eco Outfitters we are mindful of our blessings, and are committed to making a difference. We are passionate about respecting and preserving the planet and its wildlife, and are excited to jump start our efforts to be a force for change. In addition to using our time and talents to improve environmental health, we pledge to donate $2.00 from every purchase to grassroots organizations committed to environmental conservation efforts. We’re just getting started! Please check back for updates on what lies at the heart of our mission!

Mt. Rainier

Nature has provided us with refuge, rejuvenation and recreation, and especially in these changing and uncertain times, we feel an urgency to do our part to support/partner with organizations working to ensure that our natural world be safe and protected for the health of our planet, it’s inhabitants, and for future generations. As a mission driven business, we are thoughtfully building partnerships/recipients. Watch this space (and this video: for more information!




As part of our ongoing efforts to volunteer our time to environmental conservation efforts, Barefoot Eco Outfitters acted as Beach Captains on behalf of Puget Soundkeeper Alliance at Manchester State Park on International Beach Cleanup Day, September 16, 2017. Our duties were to supervise/participate in beach cleanup/cataloging efforts and to get a water sample to be analyzed for the presence of microplastics.



Barefoot Eco Outfitters is proud to donate $2.00 of every purchase from our Mighty Mountain Collection to Washington Wild ( Their mission? “Since 1979, Washington Wild has played an invaluable role in permanently protecting nearly three million acres of Wilderness throughout Washington State. We bring people together in the vigorous defense of our remaining wild forests, waters, and wildlife.” Our public lands are under attack like never before. Washington is defined by the unique and natural beauty of our state, from the majestic peaks of Mount Rainier, to the lush temperate rain forest of the Olympic National Park, and the myriad waterways that offer both recreation and inspiration. This is a legacy worth preserving for our children, and our children’s children. There are many ways to help: make a donation, volunteer your time, attend an event, or simply spread the word!



Barefoot Eco Outfitters is excited to announce that we have designated the Puget Soundkeeper Alliance Marine Debris Program as the recipient of the donation proceeds from our Mighty Ocean Collection. What does that mean? Well, for every purchase you make from our Mighty Ocean Collection, $2 will go to this program to protect and preserve the waters of Puget Sound. We chose Puget Soundkeeper Alliance because of their tireless ongoing efforts at preserving these rich and important waterways, and because they make it easy for everyday people like us to be a part of the solution. For example, they have weekly kayak patrols that sweep the waters of Lake Union removing debris and identifying potential sources of pollution. No kayak? No problem! They’ll provide the craft and everything you need. They have other awesome programs too and welcome your participation! You can find out more at their website Together we can make a difference!



Barefoot Eco Outfitters likes to support the efforts of organizations that work tirelessly on behalf of wildlife and the environment, and we were honored to be one of the sponsors for Born Free USA’s Party for a Cause: Free to be Wild in Nashville on April 29, 2017. Volunteers hosted this super successful event at the DoubleTree Hilton downtown Nashville to specifically raise funds for 7 animals, including orphaned lion cubs, caught in the illegal wildlife trade. Guests enjoyed an elegant plant-based dinner, signature cocktails, a silent auction, games and giveaways. To find out more about this event and how you can support Born Free USA, you can visit their website here: or visit their event page here:…/party-ca…/E0-001-099026833-3



We had a great time joining the Washington Trails Association to do trail maintenance at Soaring Eagle Regional Park. We had amazing leadership, a great crew and the satisfaction of a job well done. We’re looking forward to doing more to help preserve our natural spaces to keep them safe and accessible!



Barefoot Eco Outfitters attended Hiker Rally Day in association with the Washington Trails Association on February 15, 2017 at the state capitol in Olympia. Without proper funding, many of the trails Washington hikers love could be closed or neglected. Our goal? To advocate for No Child Left Inside, a program that provides invaluable grants to Washington state outdoor education and recreation programs for youth, increased funding for trail preservation and support for our state parks. With a record turnout, it was an exciting day!


International Beach Cleanup Day


We are committed to giving back both financially and with our time and talents. Barefoot was a proud participant in International Beach Cleanup Day on September 17, 2016 and spent the day cleaning up the beach at Chance a la Mer on the Washington State coast. While rewarding, there is obviously still much to do, and we intend to continue to put our energies toward improving the health of our oceans.


CalfAt Barefoot Eco Outfitters, we have a heart for grassroots organizations/startups who are driven by a mission to make the world a better, kinder place. As vegans and firm believers in animal rights, we support the efforts of BARN SANCTUARY at McKernan Farm, which provides rescue and shelter to horses, cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, goats, and rabbits who have been rescued from cases of abuse, abandonment, and natural disasters. We are currently proud sponsors of Little Dude, a rescued piglet who after some initial challenges is well on his way to a happy and healthy life! They rely on your donations to keep their mission alive. You can sponsor an animal or simply donate to one of their ongoing projects. Find out more about them and how you can help at


sewing-machine-262454_960_720It is of utmost importance to us that our apparel be both ethically made and kind to the planet, and we support the efforts of businesses who work toward promoting those ideals. Barefoot Athletic Company was proud to support the successful crowdfunding efforts of GOOD CLOTHING COMPANY (, a clothing manufacturing company celebrating ethical and green production. Their goals?


  • Provide an alternative to overseas manufacturing
  • Help small, independent designers grow their businesses
  • Create well paid jobs in the U.S.
  • Support local and national economic growth
  • Reinvigorate a historically American industry
  • Commit to sustainability and ethics