Tracy Mighty MountainThe last time we visited, we were fresh off an inspirational trip to Mt. Rainier which inspired our Mighty Mountain line of organic tees, beanies and scarves. Oh the grandeur of that mountain! That was an epic day for many reasons, and it invigorated us in a way that felt wondrous and authentic and exciting!

Of course our desire to honor the natural world is reflected in our eco-friendly mission, so for sure it is just a part of who we are. To that end, we want to continue to celebrate our affinity for the natural world and all it offers us in terms of recreation, rejuvenation and inspiration with our new Mighty Ocean tees (short sleeved and new colors coming soon!)

I remember when I was young, being mesmerized by the documentary television series, The Mighty Ocean SunsetUndersea World of Jacques Cousteau, and I dreamed of being one of the bold and passionate marine scientists on board those ships! That fascination with sea life has never left me, and I was fortunate to have the call of seagulls and the distant barking of seals mark the rhythm of my days for 14 years when I lived on the shores of Puget Sound. That is a ‘Mighty’ place for me also; the salty sea breeze, the crashing of the waves, and the creaking of the long wooden dock, will forever remain a source of sacred rejuvenation. So from Mighty Mountain to Mighty Ocean, we offer our eco-friendly tees and jewelry that we hope will help you celebrate your love for the great outdoors too. A portion of the proceeds Mighty Ocean Tee from our Mighty Ocean tees goes to marine conservation efforts, so it’s a win-win!

And let’s face it – we need a little respite now more than ever! We need to feel our feet on the dusty earth, a fresh breeze to ruffle our hair and sometimes to be alone with our thoughts and dreams with just the quiet rustling of the trees. Everything is moving so fast, and we are forgetting to connect with each other in meaningful ways – forgetting to acknowledge each other as we move through Nature's Beautyour days. I know for a fact that there are stories behind those faces you pass on the street or sit next to in the coffee shop. There are not only stories, but probably struggle and heartache, holes left from the past or just created anew. And in my way of thinking, the one thing we all want, what we all need, is to be heard, to be acknowledged.

The other evening I was out on the local tennis courts feeding a stream of balls to my daughter. I had just broken my toe and was in a boot up to my knee – no full court tennis for me for a little while! And I probably shouldn’t have been out there at all, and I probably shouldn’t have tried to take some volleys or play a little stationary mini tennis from the service line, but there I was.

As I hobbled back to retrieve some balls from the fence behind the baseline, a man playing on an adjoining court said something Broken Toe Tennisto me which caught me off guard a little as everyone always seems to keep to themselves on those courts. I said, “I’m sorry, what was that?” to which he repeated, “I hope your foot gets better soon!” with a face full of kindness that made my night. Wow, such a small gesture! And I was struck by how surprised by it I was, and a little sad at how rare it is.

I believe that these small acknowledgments, these little words of kindness can build and grow, and change people’s days, and maybe even their lives. I really do. And to this end, we have just started our “Play Nice” campaign where we intend to acknowledge acts of kindness, thoughtfulness or good service in our daily lives by gifting that person with a pin, just to say we noticed, and that we are grateful. They may end up in the back of a sock drawer, or they may cause someone to go to sleep with a smile on their face. Either way, that person will have been told that they made our lives a little brighter, even for a moment. And that means a lot.

So get out there and Play Nice! Go to the mountains or to the sea! Go stand before something bigger than yourself, and feel how awesome it feels for once to be small. Take a walk and let the wind mess with your hair and the sun warm your winter bones. Hold that door open for someone, smile at that young mother with her new baby, or share a word with the lonely old man in the coffee shop. Say please and thank you. Tell someone you hope their foot gets better. I’m betting that at least for a moment, this big old world will feel a little smaller and a whole lot happier.


Tracy Strandness, Owner/Founder